Partnership Opportunities

Wemyss Renewables are actively seeking watercourses on which to develop potential hydroelectric schemes.

We welcome approaches from Landowners and Land Managers with the potential for development of schemes, and make the time to discuss potential and options for development.

Landowners and Land Managers

We offer a range of options for landowners and land managers seeking assistance in unlocking the potential of their watercourse, from acquisition of sites or projects, through to Joint Ventures in project development.  Being entirely funded by the Wemyss Development Company, Wemyss Renewables has the flexibility to negotiate various forms of agreement.

Wemyss Renewables will assess sites and is open to discussion over the purchasing of sites, or farms & estates where there is potential for mini hydroelectric development.

Option & Lease
Where a landowner does not wish to invest in a scheme or accept any risk, Wemyss Renewables may agree to an option and lease over the site.  This involves a ‘rent’, based on a set percentage of the annual gross revenue of the project, being paid to the landlord.  At the end of the lease period the site, along with infrastructure, is returned to the landowner.  Wemyss Renewables only uses reputable turbine installers where infrastructure is designed to last for upwards of 100 years.

Joint Venture
Where a landowner wishes to contribute to the capital cost of a scheme, Wemyss Renewables may agree to entering into Joint Ventures.  We are open to various levels of contribution from landowners and assess each project on its own merit.

Part-developed schemes
Wemyss Renewables are actively interested in taking on schemes that are already in the process of development.  These may include schemes that have planning permission and/or abstraction licence or beyond.  Terms for these agreements are discussed on a site by site basis. 

Consultants and Land Agents

Wemyss Renewables has developed relationships with expert consultants and land agents throughout Scotland who aid in the development of suitable sites. 

We offer site finding fees for land agents or consultants who bring sites to us that progress to development.  If you are interested in acting for Wemyss Renewables in identifying sites please contact us to discuss a fee basis or other opportunities to become involved in our projects.

Please contact us for more information
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