About Us

Wemyss Renewables is part of the Wemyss Development Company, a family company based in Edinburgh, with a proud history dating back over 400 years.

As part of the Wemyss Development Company, we enjoy a long established connection to energy production dating back to the 16th Century.  Wemyss Renewables brings this production into the 21st Century with the introduction of green energy into the Development Company’s portfolio.

With our expertise in land and business management, and network of expert consultants, Wemyss Renewables are perfectly placed to deliver quality schemes offering high rental figures to the landowner. 

Being financed entirely through the Wemyss Development Company, we have the flexibility and freedom to enter into negotiations with landowners entirely unconstrained, safe in the knowledge that when it comes to putting the money where your mouth is, we have the funding for projects already secured.

Our expertise in land ownership and management means we are acutely aware of the issues affecting landowners today. With this in mind, we act with the landowner's best interests at heart when delivering projects.

The Wemyss Development Company

The Wemyss Development Company can trace its roots back almost 500 years, with an illustrious history and business portfolio.

In the 16th Century the company developed and operated a number of collieries in Fife, improving infrastructure by installing a private railway line, and providing ground breaking housing to support local mining communities.

In recent years the company has expanded its operation from property management and refurbishment into property development, with Wemyss Properties Ltd providing high quality, bespoke developments.  The company also retains strong links with its family heritage by owning and operating sheep farming operations and vineyards, amongst other wide-ranging business interests. 

Today the Wemyss Development Company compliments these operations by owning and operating renewable energy schemes in Scotland, bringing its energy production heritage into the 21st Century.  At Wemyss Renewables we are passionate about developing and operating renewable energy schemes, and work with landowners and land managers to unlock the financial and environmental benefits of their watercourses through mini hydroelectric schemes.

Sister Companies

Wemyss Renewables Ltd is part of the Wemyss Development Company group of businesses.  For more information on some of our sister companies, click here.